Dog Abandoned in the Woods Now Living It Up and Having Lots of Summer Fun in Her Forever Home

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Willow was lost in the woods where I work. I was driving down the road and she came out onto the road. I thought she belonged to someone because she had a collar on, so I contacted the local shelter in order to find her parents. Long story short, no one claimed her.


I showed up every day to visit with her so she would know that not everyone abandons those they love. She was very skinny and dehydrated, and when I would show up, she was always very excited and never wanted me to leave. However, I had to wait 15 days to make sure no one claimed her before I could take her home and make her part of our family.

Willow was very shy at first and very leery of everyone except me. She finally came around to love everyone around her. Now she is very spoiled with many toys and family.


Willow loves being outside and chasing her siblings, as well as talking lots of trash to the cattle. She loves to swim in the pond and splash in their pool, but when we turn on the water hose, she goes completely crazy. She loves the sprinkler, too, so the water is her favorite summer activity.

We live in Texas and the temperatures outside are constantly in the triple digits, so Willow and her siblings come inside the house where they lounge in the AC.


When I brought Willow home, the first thing she was given besides a blanket of her own was a stuffed alligator, which she still snuggles every time she is in the house. She will not take it outside, nor allow her siblings to take it, so alligator never gets to play in the water.

Willow May was definitely meant to cross my path that day, and she has been a blessing to all of the family and her siblings, especially because she came into our lives right after we lost two of our fur babies. It was meant to be; she needed us as much as we needed her.


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