Ms. Paloma

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I adopted Ms. Paloma a little over a month ago from our local shelter. She is very shy, very timid. She was fixed, and then we brought her home to join our family. We had issues with her and my dog of many years, Halle, getting along, but we’re working thru that issue. Then came a big blow.


Upon Paloma’s physical with our family vet, our vet noticed a lump under Paloma’s nipple. A biopsy was done, which came back positive. We contacted the shelter we adopted her from, not knowing why their vet, or the vet that fixed her, had not noticed this, but we were past that point now. The pound had made arrangements with us to turn back in Paloma. This was on a Saturday. We took her back to the pound, and before turning her back, I asked when they would be putting her down. That would not happen until the next Thursday.

My heart was breaking already for her, and I asked if I could keep her until that Thursday. They let me do this. Sometime during the next week while waiting for Thursday, I called my personal vet back to ask more questions. Could I just keep Paloma and let her live out her life? If she starts showing signs of being in pain, then we will deal with the thought of time to put Paloma down. But NOW was not the time.


So that is my choice, and Paloma will live with us until she is sick from the cancer. She currently shows no signs. I hope Paloma has a very long life with us, but if not, I will do my best to give her all the love I can until it’s really her time.

So Paloma has been rescued twice.

Story submitted by Kathy Castillo from Hayward, California. Paloma’s story was originally shared on The Animal Rescue Site. Share your very own rescue story here!


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