Family Rescues Deathly Ill, Neglected Dog and Gets More Than a Dozen Years with Him

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Bam-Bam belonged to some friends of my daughter. We had a call from the neighbor trying to reach Bam-Bam’s owners as he had been very sick for a while, and she was worried he may pass and did not want the young daughter to walk in and find him deceased.


My daughter reached her friend on the phone and could hear the father in the background indicating when they got home he was going to “put that dog” out of his misery as he was tried of dealing with a sick dog. My daughter begged me to go and get Bam-Bam, which, with permission, we did.

Bam-Bam was so sick, emaciated, and we had to carry him to the car. He could not eat or drink, so I had to get Pedialyte down him with a syringe. I slept with him that night with my arm around him in case he passed.

We took him to the vet the next day thinking we would be told the kindest thing would be to put him to sleep. We instead ran blood work to check for valley fever, and took him home waiting for the results.

Later that day he threw up the biggest part of a worm I have ever seen; $13 in worm medicine was all he needed. That was 13 years ago, and Bam-Bam has been the greatest dog we have ever had the pleasure of having in our home. I am so glad we were able to rescue him in time – he has repaid us millions of times over with his love and companionship.


Story submitted by Crystal Arnold from Mesa, Arizona.


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