Skittish and Scared Pup Finds Her Confidence in Foster Home

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At about 4-years-old, Fauna was likely living as a stray dog for quite some time. When she was picked up by a county animal control organization, the staff said she was shut down and terrified of life in general. On a routine transfer trip, SICSA staff saw Fauna tied up outside her kennel – underweight, scared to move, and frightened. We knew she needed help! She had no idea how to walk on leash and would mostly just pancake to the ground. In order to get her out to the transport van, she had to be carried. Not an easy task with a large Mastiff mix!


Back at SICSA, the plan was to spay her right away and send her to a foster home for socialization. Unfortunately, Fauna had other plans. Out for a walk, she was able to get away from her handler and took off running. Scared and under-socialized, Fauna would not come to anyone. Over the course of a couple of days, Fauna would emerge from the tree line behind SICSA, but if anyone tried to approach, she would disappear again.

We were heartbroken that she was back outside and even more nervous about the cold, February weather. Eventually, with the help of a local group that has experience trapping dogs, we were able to catch Fauna and get her back to safety.

Fauna immediately went to a foster home and we discovered her love for other dogs. She pretty quickly started cuddling with the other dog in the home, finding comfort in the older, more confident dog. Eventually those cuddles moved to her foster mom – slowly taking over her bed and asking for attention, even if it was at 3 a.m.!

It took three months, but Fauna was able to gain confidence around the other dogs in her foster home and make enough progress to be ready for adoption. We knew finding the right home would be key – she needed a family with patience and other pets to help her adjust. It took another month, but Fauna found her ideal home!


After two months in her forever home, Fauna’s adopter said she is still very nervous in new situations, but her family catches glimpses of a more confident dog and know she’s making progress. She plays with her dog sister and curls up in bed with her owners at night. In her yard, she cuts loose and loves to play. While her leash skills are a work in progress in more noisy environments, she loves a good hike in a peaceful, wooded setting.

Fauna had a long and slightly stressful road to adoption, but her “happy tail” made her worth the wait!

Story submitted by SICSA Pet Adoption Center.


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