This 12-Yr-Old Has Helped Thousands Of Shelter Dogs Find Homes. Now He Has His Own TV Show!

There are dog lovers, and then there’s Roman McConn of “Roman to the Rescue.” This 12-year-old boy has been helping out at animal shelters since he was a small child. He even started his own charity to get his four-legged friends into great homes. On his television show, which first aired in 2022, he’s able to help even more shelter dogs get adopted!

At the age of four, Roman McConn was horrified to learn that some shelters euthanize unwanted dogs. That’s when he made it his life’s goal to get these pets get adopted! His parents helped him launch Project Freedom Ride, which moves pooches out of areas with lots of kill shelters.

Through his TV show on Disney XD, “Roman to the Rescue,” the young man collaborates with influencers to help shelter dogs find the best possible homes. Roman McConn is no stranger to the spotlight, of course. For years, he’d been uploading videos of shelter dogs to social media in the hopes of getting them adopted. According to an Instagram post, he was even on The Ellen Degeneres Show when he won the Kid of the Year Award!

Some people dream of getting popular enough on social media to get their own TV show, but Roman McConn just wanted to help shelter dogs find homes. He may be reaching a wider audience on “Roman to the Rescue,” but his goal remains the same. What an inspiring kid!


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