The cow began to lose milk, and the farmer noticed that she was leaving in the evening for the forest. He decided to follow

Steve, a farmer from Scotland, kept a small herd of dairy cows. The man saw one day that Lila, who was normally the one who gave the most milk, was completely out of milk. After receiving assurances from the veterinarian that the animal was healthy, the farmer chose to examine the cow more closely in the meadow along the forest’s border. He quickly discovered that the cow occasionally ventures into the forest in the evening and made the decision to follow her. Every time, the farmer brought the cows to graze in a clearing close to the forest. The man noticed that Leela was falling behind the group and decided to pursue her. He moved cautiously, not wanting to scare the animal away, and eventually he arrived at a clearing surrounded by trees. The cow positioned herself a little bit farther away, hiding something.

Steve approached and noticed a tiny calf. Lila appears to have taken it to the clearing a few weeks prior, perhaps in an attempt to conceal it from view. The farmer needed roughly ten minutes to figure out why this was happening. Every calf that we remove is raised apart from the adults before being moved to a new herd.

Steve told reporters that it appeared Leela was not pleased with how things were going. Consequently, the cow was left with the calf. Steve chose to reconsider how he was going to manage the farm.

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