Adorable Video Of Employees Teaching Orphaned Orangutans How To Be Aware Of Snakes. Orangutan Reaches Out To Help Man In River.

The captivating moment was recorded by a non-professional camera user named Anil Prabhakar. While on a safari trip with his companions, he encountered a park ranger scouring for serpents and removing them from the water. Anil Prabhakar, an amateur photographer,... Read more

(Video) This Newborn Zebra Has Dots Instead of Stripes!

This zebra mutation is such a rare and unusual sighting in Maasai Mara that he has been given a name – Tira – after the Masai guide, Antony Tira, who first spotted him. Regrettably, foals with melanistic coloration struggle to... Read more

Elephant Forced to Entertain Tourists for 40 Years Finally Experiences Freedom

This story is about Thong Bai, a 52-year-old elephant who was exploited for forty years to entertain tourists. The unfortunate animal endured severe conditions, confined in chains for nearly its entire life. The male Thai elephant participated in numerous events... Read more

Whale watchers amazed by an extraordinary occurrence that happens only once in a lifetime

It is common for whale watching expeditions’ travelers and crew to witness various incredible creatures such as dolphins, sea lions, and whales. The captains make a particular effort to take their passengers to the best spots for viewing. However, witnessing... Read more

A Large Serpent Discovered In Agony After Remorse Over Swallowing Porcupine

Snakes are known for being amongst the most dangerous animals in the world, as they can attack or prey on almost anything. However, attacking everything is not always wise, and that’s what occurred with one large snake that foolishly attempted... Read more

Mountain Gorilla, who became an internet sensation after posing for a viral selfie with a park ranger, has passed away at the age of 14 while being held by its caretaker

Beloved Gorilla Ndakasi Dies in the Arms of Caretaker After Long Illness at Age 14 Ndakasi, a much-loved mountain gorilla who captured hearts by posing for selfies with rangers, has died after a long illness at Africa’s oldest national park,... Read more

Cameraman Captures Rarely Seen Potoo Bird in Video Recording

Although Potoos are not currently classified as threatened or endangered, certain species are at risk due to human activities such as deforestation and habitat loss. Despite their nocturnal habits and elusive nature, Potoos are highly valued by birdwatchers and nature... Read more

Ranger Discovers Heartwarming Reason Why Bear Refuses To Let Baby Go – Emotional Video.

A man spotted movement in the distance, and due to reports of predators in the area, he cautiously approached to investigate. As he drew closer, his attention was diverted to something else – a black bear carrying a baby! Risking... Read more

Warm Springs Ranch Welcomes Four New Budweiser Clydesdales to the Family

The winter weather is being enjoyed by four new colts – Barron, Sergeant, Stinger, and Razor – who were recently born on the ranch. Tourists have the opportunity to watch the Super Bowl on four large screens in the barn,... Read more

A simian adopts and cares for a small feline as if it were her very own

Anne Young recorded an incredible moment during her visit to Bali’s Monkey Forest Park. This particular monkey adopted a particular individual as if it were her own. The monkey adopt a kitten. She cradled the kitten as though it were... Read more